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King88bet Slot Prgamatic . Blitar City Hotel Authorities, Eastern Java, handled a situation of a battle in between a sibling and sibling in Salam Community, , Nglegok Area, Blitar Rule, which led to a single person passing away and another being treated. King88bet link login  

King88bet link login . Kasatreskrim Blitar City Authorities AKP Hendro Utaryo said those associated with the fight consisted of Kadir (68), and his sibling Kasiran (63). Both of them live in Salam , Kedawung Town, Area, game slot Blitar Rule. Their second house is just 7 meters away.  King88bet link Alternatif

King88bet Slot Link . “The siblings often battle because of problems that have been taking place for a very long time. Kadir also has a mood, often strife,” he said in Kediri, Sunday, estimated by Antara. King88bet link Alternatif

He included that this event began on Saturday (28/10) night, Kadir concerned Kasiran’s house. During that time, the lights at Kasiran’s house had gone out. King88bet link login

When he reached Kasiran’s house, a disagreement damaged out where Kadir implicated his sibling of speaking with another person, after that Kadir hit Kasiran with an item of timber. King88bet link login

After that Kasiran accepted his sibling and managed to free himself. Kadir after that took Kasiran’s hoe or hoe which was before your home. King88bet link Alternatif

After that the hoe was hit once versus Kasiran, striking the left side of his. King88bet link Alternatif


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and triggering an injury. Kasiran also protected himself so a battle damaged out. King88bet Slot Link

Sibling Passed away
When a battle damaged out, both of them dropped on each various other. Kasiran was in addition to his sibling Kadir’s body, and Kadir rebelled.

At the moment of the event, residents didn’t dare to separate the fight. King88bet Slot Prgamatic

“The sufferer passed away because of injuries to the
, and it was indicated that he was hit with a hoe,” he said.

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